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Caracola (2015)
for soprano, flute and harp



Caracola was written as part of harpist Jasmine Hogan’s “Voces de Lorca” project.  Composers were charged with composing companion settings of the Lorca poems set in George Crumb’s “Federico’s Little Songs for Children”, and utilizing the same ensemble of soprano, flute, and harp. 
“Caracola” translates to seashell, and the text tells in first-person of the wonder of being brought a seashell and the way the sounds inside it brings forth the essence of the sea.  This evocative imagery gave way to both the sound-world and structure of the work: the music is organized tightly around the numerical pattern of the Golden Ratio (the numerical proportion long believed to have powerful aesthetic presence, and found in everything from the spirals inside of shells to the music of Mozart and Bartók).  Of particular note is the center section of Caracola, which is cast in a “mobile” form.  Here, performers choose the order of presentation of nine distinct musical gestures.  Feasibly the performers could present many unique “versions” of the work; in this way, the players have a hand in collaborating on the compositional choices pertaining to the dramatic unfolding of the musical events central to the work. 

Caracola was premiered within the “Voces de Lorca” set by Ensemble Encanto (soprano Lisa Perry, flautist Eric Maul, harpist Jasmine Hogan)
on 10 January 2016 at the New Music Gathering (Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD).  

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Me han traido una caracola.                                                   Someone brought me a seashell.

Dentro le canta                                                                       Singing inside
un mar de mapa.                                                                    is a sea from a map.

Mi corazón                                                                             My heart
se llena de agua                                                                    fills up with water
con pececillos                                                                        and little tiny fish,
de sombra y plata                                                                  silvery, shadowy.

Me han traido una caracola.                                                  Someone brought me a seashell.

caracola copyright © Sean Doyle and Herederos de Federico Garcia Lorca.
Music by Sean Doyle. Words by Federico Garcia Lorca.  SGAE/BMI.  All rights reserved.
For information regarding rights and permissions, please contact
or William Peter Kosmas esq., 8 Franklin Square, London W14 9UU.  


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