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Private Instruction

For as long as I’ve been a professional composer,
I’ve also been a teacher. 

The passion I have for mentoring musicians on their individual creative paths is an essential source of joy and inspiration, which positively impacts all of my artistic endeavors. 


I bring nearly two decades of experience as an instructor across many areas of musical study.

In addition to composition, songwriting, orchestration and arranging, I’ve taught music theory and analysis, ear training, and surveys of music history, opera and musical theater. 


I provide one-on-one instruction in:



We work together to develop your unique creative voice, regardless of style/genre or your level of ability. I can help you cultivate a sustainable creative practice, incorporating knowledge of notation, instrumentation/orchestration, and composerly approaches to analysis and repertoire study. 



Guidance in the nuts-and-bolts of making songs that demonstrate a personal style. If you have an idea for a song, but don’t know what to do next, looking to complete an album, or hoping to expand on the sonic palette of your growing catalog of tunes, our work together will enhance your practice of writing and arranging songs.


Whether you’re starting to read music for the first time, brushing up on fundamentals for college exams, or taking a deeper look

at the stylistic trends and techniques of your favorite works, I offer step-by-step mentorship for building your toolkit for hearing and knowing music. 

How it works:

  • One-hour lessons: virtual, or in-person if you live in the Los Angeles metro area. 

  • Scheduling and frequency according to your availability.

  • Pricing is flexible; our initial meeting is free.

  • I’ve got no stylistic bias. I want to work on the music that interests you.

  • I’m enthusiastic about working with students of
    all levels of ability.

Student testimonials...

“I took composition lessons and multiple seminars with Sean while I was an undergraduate student. His teaching was structured, inspired, and gave me the creative tools I use today. Sean is uniquely good at helping composers develop compositional technique as they explore their artistic voice. [His]  teaching taught me "how to fish" as a composer. He helped me learn how to identify and solve problems in my creative process, an essential skill I rely on daily - as I am constantly cleaning up the messes I've made!”

• Alan H., Composer and Sound Designer, West Virginia University


"Throughout my time studying composition with Sean Doyle, I was challenged to write in styles and modes with which I had little experience. He encourages his students to experiment with different genres and instrumentation, something which made me a more well-rounded composer. During my senior year, he was a supportive mentor during my composition of a chamber piece, its recording process, and ultimate transformation into the basis of an experimental short film. He was enthusiastic as I attempted working with manipulated field recordings and a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments. Not only are these musical techniques I have carried with me into future film scoring projects, but this exploratory spirit Doyle fosters is something I have carried into my creative process in other artistic mediums as well.” 

• Nora M., filmmaker and composer, NYC

"Study with Dr. Doyle has been one of the great joys of my professional career. He always applies his expert technical knowledge of composition in a way that is both encouraging and individualized to my particular compositional style. Dr. Doyle is very conscious not to let his personal compositional preferences influence the direction of your music. Rather, he helps you find your voice through compositional techniques that will allow your music to develop organically within your own musical language. Thanks to my time with Dr. Doyle, I have a better understanding of how the music I choose for my students unfolds. I am able to compose and arrange music for my classes that meets their needs, sounds great, and is accessible to a variety of performers!”


• Timothy A., Choir Director, Music Teacher, Saratoga Springs, NY




To learn more about my teaching, check out my bio, my teaching philosophy, and a list of teaching opportunities.

Interested? Contact me!

If you are interested in taking lessons, or have questions and would like to learn more,
reach out to me through
the contact form linked here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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