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'already there' is... almost here!

Three years ago this week I got an email from Britta Joy Peterson inviting me to collaborate with her on a project proposal- a new work for the Kennedy Center’s Local Dance Commission Project. In that time there’s been much research, planning, drafting, team-building, re-naming, re-imagining (thanks, COVID)…oh, and a hefty amount of sketching, composing, revising, and recording! Fast-forward to now, as I’m putting the final touches on the musical elements of this incredible collaborative journey. I’m so excited to be part of this brilliant creative team and share the work we’ve done to create a truly unique experience.

‘already there’ at the Kennedy Center, 28-30 October 2021. More information can be found here.

[PHOTO DESCRIPTION: a spiral music notebook stuffed with handwritten musical sketch pages sits on a wood surface. Handwritten labels in black marker on colored tape say “Already There”, “Frequencies” (the working title of the piece), and “Sketches and Notes 2018-21”. Beneath that, a picture of an email from Britta Peterson to Sean Doyle from 27 September 2018 (described above)]

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