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Detachment [Books I•II•III] Premiering 20 May 2022!

If we've been in touch over the past year or so and you've inquired about the activity on my composing desk, I may have cryptically mentioned work on "a big thing." Welp, here's the big thing. And it's happening.

Detachment (Books I • II • III) written for (& dedicated to) the incredible Pique Collective world premiere Friday 20 May 2022 • 7:30pm St. David's Church Roland Park [Music at St. David's]

Friends, this is a special work that means a lot to me and I hope you can come check it out.

Detachment is a song cycle comprising interlocked movements from three separate “books”, featuring texts that span three centuries.

Individually, the books present unique points of view and can be performed as separate works.

When presented collectively (as it will be at the premiere), the movements together form a narrative meditation on isolation, yearning, and the relationship between creative identity and the self.

The central question of Detachment is how the creative soul manifests its true self when the creative act is not possible.

I'm thrilled to have the occasion to collaborate with my friends in Pique Collective, a fantastic Baltimore-based chamber ensemble, on this new piece.

To finally get to share this piece live in concert is truly an exciting, poignant opportunity.

The concert will be livestreamed if you're unable to attend. (Link forthcoming)

I hope you're able to join us for the show, virtually or in-person!

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