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"Detachment" excerpt featured in literary journal

It's an honor to have a movement from my recent work Detachment included in the upcoming edition of the British literary journal Snow lit rev - volume 11, Spring 2023. The excerpt, a setting of the poem "Through the Looking Glass" by Veronica Forrest-Thomson (1947-1975), was premiered this past May by Baltimore-based chamber ensemble

Pique Collective, as part of the first complete performance of Detachment: Books I, II, III. A recording of the complete work is forthcoming in 2023. The score of "Through the Looking Glass" is included in the beautifully printed journal alongside poetry, translations, visual art, and (coincidentally) another musical setting of Veronica Forrest-Thomson for choir. I've written a short accompanying note about the work, included as well.

I'm gratefully indebted to Anthony Barnett of Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers and editor of Snow lit rev - not only for generously including my work in such a fine publication, but for his help securing the text setting rights for the Forrest-Thomson poem.

To learn more about Snow lit rev: To purchase Snow lit rev, no. 11 (US, available March 2023):

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