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"Ubi Caritas" on virtual Good Friday service

(Archived video of the livestream from 2 April 2021. Ubi Caritas is performed at 4:42. The Choir of St. David's Episcopal Church • Douglas Buchanan, director.)

I get to be a composer this week! (This is not an April Fools' Day joke)

Tomorrow, 2 April, at 7:30pm, the Choir of St. David's, under the direction of Douglas Buchanan, presents a virtual service of music for Good Friday. I'm so stoked and honored to have my setting of "Ubi Caritas" presented alongside music by my incredibly talented friends–Doug, Faye Chiao, Joshua Bornfield,

and Natalie Draper, whose "Three Lenten Motets" will be premiered at the service.

(I've heard one of the three and it's *incredible* - cannot wait to hear the whole thing).

Also featured is music by some young upstart named Heinrich Schütz.

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